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Anhui Sheng he Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, Kunshan Sheng Hui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. wholly-owned subsidiary, in the country has three manufacturing plants, respectively engaged in conveyor machinery sheet metal, deburring polishing machine, fluid polishing machine, extrusion polishing machine, screw chip removal machine, elastic abrasive, fluid abrasive, soft grinding material, abrasive flow, chip removal machine manufacturing , production, processing, the company is currently and a number of domestic precision processing and machine tool enterprises to establish long-term strategic cooperative relations, to provide customers with metal surface micro-treatment solutions and product automation products services and support,
Quality, service and competitive price are the core of our continuous growth, high-quality and creative staff, outstanding professional technology, rigorous operation of the management system for us to ensure the greatest degree of customer satisfaction. After the continuous change of global manufacturing baptism, today's Sheng He has successfully transformed, from a single sheet metal processing to CNC machine tool accessories equipment manufacturing, to the development of fluid polishing equipment in recent years, has become a number of new energy auto parts enterprises, military heavy industry and medical Enterprises trusted partners. Our goal is based on the metal surface micro-treatment industry, and constantly penetrate the research and development of fluid polishing equipment and CNC accessories equipment, with professional technology, excellent quality, satisfactory service to continue to enhance the impact of Sheng Wo brand, and strive to become the most trusted brand of customers.
Today Sheng he Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. has served nearly thousands of enterprises, products throughout Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi ' An, northeast and other places, exported to Southeast Asia (South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, etc.), Europe (Germany, Finland, Belgium, etc.), the Americas (Mexico, the United States, etc.), the future, Sheng He Intelligent Machinery will make every effort to build domestic and foreign markets, and constantly develop intelligent products, together with new and old customers, create a better future!
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Introduction to Fluid polishing machine

Abrasive flow processing (abrasive flow machining) technology is the latest machining method, it is to abrasive medium (a flowing mixture with abrasive particles) under pressure flowing through the workpiece required to process the surface, deburring, apart from the flying edge, grinding fillet, In order to reduce the ripple and roughness of the workpiece surface, to achieve precision machining finish.

Introduction of Chip removal machine

The main role of the chip removal machine is to collect all kinds of metal and non-metallic scrap produced when the machine is working, and to transport the scrap to the equipment of the chip truck, which can be combined with the filter water tank to recycle all kinds of coolant. Sheng wo chip removal machine has scraping plate, chain plate, screw type three types. Sheng wo brand chip removal machine basically within a year without manual collection of scrap, unique design failure rate reduced by 80%.

Introduction to Fluid Abrasives

Fluid abrasive is mixed with a viscoelastic, environmentally friendly polymer semi-solid carrier and a certain amount of abrasive mixture, abrasive soft hardness moderate, not stained with metal, with good stretching, and has a good metal cutting effect.